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Once in a lifetime experience​

Once in a lifetime experience​

​Around the world cruise

“Welcome back”....!
When you travel around the world with Peace Boat, you may be welcomed with these words. In the more than 36 years that we have been carrying out our voyages, we have visited over 280 ports.

People who welcome us with their whole cities and communities, people who look forward to our visit as an annual event, and people preparing with anticipation for our next visit…

Travelling around the world by ship, builds up these kinds of connections.


We believe that person-to-person encounters, and building up connections, makes each of our lives more full, and brings the world one step closer to peace. This is why we continue our voyages by ship.

It may be difficult now to depart on a journey.

However, we are certain that the day will come,

when we can once again travel with ease,
visit the places we have dreamed about since we were small,

and encounter different people and cultures,
with the excitement of new discoveries and inspiration.


When that day comes, we hope that you will journey together with us.

Cruise Information

106th Cruise
December 13 2020 –March 30 2021
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan )

108 days

106th Cruise
December 13 2020 –March 30 2021
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan )

108 days

107th Cruise

April 6 2021 –July 21 2021
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan )

107 days

107th Cruise
April 6 2021 –July 21 2021
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan )

107 days


107th Global Voyage


This voyage will take you to Istanbul, which has ourished at the crossroads of civilisation across the ages, and is dotted with mosques and palaces and other historical marvels. Visit then the beautiful blues and whites of Santorini, wander
through the cities of Scandinavia, and take in the vast green fjords stretching out before you.

April 6, 2021 – July 21, 2021

Yokohama, Japan-Yokohama, Japan



Valletta, Malta

Watch the city drift by before stepping off to e xplore the World Heritage cityscape and Old Town.


See the 5 Nordic countries at their best

Experience the endless days of blue sky and midnight sun of northernmost Europe. Explore the sophistication and unique shopping opportunities at some of Scandinavia's most famous cities.


Sognefjord, Norway

Experience for yourself the wonders of the nature, as the ship makes its way through the expanses of Sognefjord with its magnificent cliffs carved away through the eddies of time.

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What is Peace Boat?


Peace Boat is an international NGO based in Japan that promotes peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development, respect for the environment, and eco-friendly tourism.

We’ve traveled to more than 270 ports in over 80 countries. As you travel you can meet new people, marvel at nature, and truly experience the world.

With Peace Boat's 35 year history, we build upon our connections and relationships with local partners to deliver a truly unique Peace Boat experience.


Life on Board

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Participate in special lectures by guest journalists, specialist, thought leaders, and entertainers from different destinations. Join a class or hands-on workshop, Share your passion with the community by creating your own class or event, or learn from others.

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  • Guest Educators

  • Guest Performers

  • Japanese Language Lesson

  • Festival/Party

  • Culture School

  • Self Planned Events

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